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To embody an experience is to live it fully. Connecting with the multitude of sensations, feelings and thoughts going on within, allows us to be completely present to the moment as it happens. Embodiment is central to mindfulness.


Have you ever driven a long distance and realized that you couldn't remember how you got there? This is a common experience. We are often unaware of what we are experiencing in a given moment as we are so frequently lost in thought.

Our bodies are a wealth of information. Emotion, intuition and sensing tell us so much about our personal experience and surroundings. Things like past traumas and uncomfortable feelings may make being embodied uncomfortable, which in turn causes people to unconsciously disembody with distractions. 

Mindful embodiment practices can help us to embrace all experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Learning to embody, process and release emotion can lead to immense freedom. Self exploration and discovering ways in which we consciously and unconsciously disembody also frees up much space to live a conscious life.

Embodiment provides a sense of groundedness and effortless presence.

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