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Loving Kindness Practice

Love is innate, yet to cultivate love is a practice. The practice of Metta connects us with feelings of kindness and compassion, creating an attitude of loving kindness that we can bring to each moment and person we come into contact with. Love is not conditional, and the more we can foster and deepen our connection to it, the more we can love boundlessly. 

Often, the most difficult place to be kind and loving is with ourselves and, paradoxically, the only way we can truly love another is if we truly love ourselves. Without self love, we can find ourselves expecting others to 'fill our cups', constantly being left disappointed, stuck in the illusion that if situations and people would be a certain way externally, then internally we would be and feel fulfilled. Metta practice connects us with feelings of joy, love, gratitude, positivity, along with a multitude of other desirable emotions. It helps to 'fill our cup' internally. 

As our mindfulness practice deepens, we may become conscious of situations, internally and externally, that challenge us. Metta practice increases self compassion and self forgiveness, as well as compassion and forgiveness of others.

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